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I am a cricketer at heart and a Formula 1 fanatic. Somewhere in between there is a photographer. I mostly enjoy landscape and architecture. Low light and monochrome photography illustrating the delicate interaction of shadows and lights is what I like the most. I had a frantic childhood where sports played major role in my upbringing. It still continues to do so. Often it is the solace in serene lone landscapes that provides the much needed balance from the ever increasing pace of life. It is those extraordinarily delightful sedate moments that I like to capture. They act as emotional snapshots…, a story board if you like, to look back and reflect.

I also enjoy writing although lack of time is gets in the way. However, when the stars are aligned I have been known to tap away few lines on the keyboard. Stultifying simplicity is my blog which you may find here.

I hope you enjoy browsing the various galleries in the site. If there is a particular photo that interests you and would like to buy a copy please get in touch. Not to mention there are many other photos which are not on the site.

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